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Putting you in the Spotlight

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By cdavies, Jul 16 2014 01:32PM

When you think of a search engine, you probably think of Google, but did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world? And that's why Video is so important to promote your business in todays market.

I can make a great video for you to host on YouTube, but to really get the most out of your video once it's made then consider the following tips:

1. Keywords

To get your target audience to watch your video you need to do a bit of reaserch. If you can get the keywords that your customers are searching you'll boost your Video SEO!

2. Titles

Your video title is the first thing YouTube’s search engine spiders crawl to determine the content of your video. As such, you need to keep it short and relevant, with your most important keywords as close to the front as possible.

3. Video Descriptions

Make sure that your description is relevant to the CONTENT of the video, and not just a sales pitch about your business; Google’s web spiders rank content relevance very highly.

4. Tags

As with your descriptions, your tags should target the same keywords you used in your Title. Start with your highest priority keywords upfront and move down the list from there to industry jargon and brand terminology.

5. Transcripts

YouTube allows you to upload a transcript of your video. This gives those spiders one more text field to crawl for keywords and content.

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