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Telling stories is second nature to Carolyn, so you can relax and rest assured that your web video will be effective in reaching your target audience.




"Produced a ground breaking video series for our annual mental health conference"

Jeff Cheverton, Qld Alliance Ltd.

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Carolyn Davies trading as Lime Twist Media'

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Carolyn Davies


With 20 years in TV Producing, Directing and Shooting, Carolyn has worked on well know series for the BBC, ITV and UKTV.


In 2013 Carolyn set up Lime Twist Media to make short engaging videos to help promote businesses, charities and projects online.



                                     Latest News

Carolyn's new Documentary: In the Eyes of the Good has just beed published on youtube. It tells the story of former Maoist combatants, conflict victims, and government officials engaging in a restorative dialogue, following the aftermath of the 10-years armed conflict in Nepal. https://youtu.be/RqA2OydkXgg