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Website Video Production


Lime Twist Media specialises in making videos for online use.  We specialise in capturing authentic content for testimonial videos, business portrait and event films.  Our videos are carefully edited to a high productio value.


We can help businesses grow by enhancing their online engagement with customers.  Through carefully produced video to showcase products and services so much more can be achieved  than with plain text and images.


Whether it’s the story behind your business or project, passionate testimonials from your customers, we look for warmth uniqueness to make your web video stand out.





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Carolyn Davies trading as Lime Twist Media'

“A rare blend of intelligence, sensitivity and technical know how…produced a great web video series.”

Helen Glover, Enlightened Consultants


'Flight' by Arabella Dorman

Art Installation Project - St James's Church, Piccadilly

Ecron Builders

Testimonial - 2 mins